2020 Yearly Horoscope

It is just in human nature to hope for better, isn’t it? How many promises you have given to yourself about the upcoming year? 2020 indeed seems to be a promising year. That is why so many people place great hopes on it. However, we are going to tell you something unpleasant – a year itself cannot bring any magic into your life. You have to work for it. And, in the majority of cases, you have to work hard to succeed and be happy.

It is also true that it might seem that you worked a lot during a year, but nothing special happened. What have you done wrong? The answer is simple – you have been heading the wrong way. Your yearly horoscope is the thing that can help you head in the right direction, no matter the area you take. Whether it is your love life, or financial state, or health, or career – we have it all covered for you judging by your zodiac sign.

There may be some skeptics among you, and this is understandable. That is why we are going to prove to you that the knowledge we possess is the true one. It is anything but easy to speak the language of the stars, but our team is proficient in the ancient language of the universe.

Just to grant you a glimpse of what we have in store for you, we are going to tell you that Saturn is the star of 2020. Saturn is a serious planet that is concerned about nothing but the achievement of all goals. The planet will challenge all the signs to do what they can to reach set goals. There is no doubt about that.

Mars is a true aggressor; however, this year, it is going to be on your side, and it will help you reach your goals fast and effectively no matter the challenges prepared by Saturn.

When Mercury is in its retrograde phase – expect a lot of emotions pouring out of you. However, you should not be overwhelmed with such emotional heightening in March, July, and November. As long as you trust yourself and your intuition – you will get through everything with ease.

You should not underestimate the power of such a small planet as Pluto. This is the only planet that accents the fact that if you want something badly and take a few steps toward it – you will reach it.

This is only a general preview we have decoded for all of us: however, there are also individual horoscopes ready for each sign. All you need to do it to choose your sign and get familiar with what the universe has in store for you in 2020 and get ready to set and reach your goals! You will be surprised how simple it is to succeed once you set the right course!